Cassan Maclean
Intellectual Property | Barristers, solicitors, patent and trademark agents


Our firms practice purely in the area of intellectual property procurement, advisory and advocacy law.

Each firm strives to offer a highly personalized level of service to our clients and foreign associates, without run-away costs or inordinate delays.


Negotiating the protection of patent rights is often a daunting task. we tailor our services to your specific objectives and finances with a view to the future of your business. Our legal, scientific and business expertise enables us to guide you efficiently and effectively through the entire patenting process.


Trademarks are intrinsically associated with a company's image, and form one of most important assets of any business. Used wisely, they help establish business reputation, generating goodwill and repeat customers. WE CAN ASSIST with all aspects of trademark protection and enforcement, including clearance and searching, filing and prosecution of applications, and trademark opposition and litigation.  We also provide ancillary services such as brand audits, trademark valuation, trademark licensing and trademark portfolio management among others.


COPYRIGHT is the exclusive right to produce, reproduce, publish or perform an original literary, artistic, dramatic or musical work. OUR experienced professionals offer a full complement of services relating to the protection and preservation of copyright in all areas. From registration to licensing, to the assessment of infringement risks and litigation, we can assist you in all matters regarding copyright.

Industrial Designs

Industrial designs embody the features of a product that appeal to the eye.  The success of an industrial design depends on its protection. The success of a product in today’s marketplace depends not only on its functionality, but on its aesthetic appeal. As a result, companies invest heavily in industrial design and protecting this valuable intellectual property right is essential.  we offer a full complement of services relating to the protection and enforcement of industrial designs.

Domain Names

No longer merely "street signs" for your website, domain names have evolved to function as online brands. As more businesses seek to establish an Internet presence, disputes involving the ownership and use of domain names are increasing. OUR professionals have extensive experience with domain name dispute proceedings and can advise on a host of issues relating to the use of intellectual property on the Internet.